PAC Engineering also provides a number of other services for our customers to give you a complete "One-Stop Shop" for all your manufacturing requirements.


Along with our CNC machinery, our skilled workforce also provide many manual machining processes. PAC Engineering are able to offer services such as manual drilling (including reaming and tapping), manual turning, grinding (surface and centreless) and honing for tight tolerance bores.


If you would like more information or a quote, please email us direct at and attach any files or drawings as required. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.



Manual Machining

Manual machining such as Drilling, Milling, Turning and Tapping.


Grinding services such a surface grinding and centre-less grinding to suit all tolerances and surface finish specifications.


Honing services for very close tolerance on holes and bores.

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Cincinatti centreless, 3" through and plunge.

Jones & Sharp horizontal spindle, 18" x 6" Mag. chuck

Cylindrical 6" x 22" internal spindle, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, faceplate.

Abwood vertical spindle, 20" x 8" Mag. chuck

Manual Lathe

Colchester Triumph 2000

Manual Mill

Bridgeport vertical milling machine with DRO

Manual Pillar Drills

Various manual pillar drills, equipped for drilling, reaming and tapping.


Delapena Speed Hone, 0 - 2.5"

Material Plating & Finishing

Various forms of finishing arranged to suit customer specifications. Please contact us for full details. Rumbler and TechnoWash parts washer to provide high quality finish.

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