With a range of CNC Machining centres along with a highly skilled workforce, PAC Engineering can offer our customers competitive solutions to all aspects of production requirements.


PAC Engineering can provide machining for a wide range of materials and always maintain precision and tolerances as required by our customers. Our machines are eqipped with bar feeds to further enhance the efficiency of the parts produced.


With investment in the latest MILL/TURN machining centres, we can provide a quick turnaround on even the most complex of machined parts with improved efficiency resulting in competitive prices.


If you would like more information or a quote, please email us direct at and attach any files or drawings as required. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.



Pump body for Railway industry

Component fully machined on CNC lathe, including profiling, tapping, boring and threading.

Hydraulic Fitting

Component Mill/Turned complete for hydraulic fitting to customer specifications.

Marine Industry Component

Machined complete on Mori Seiki using Mill Turn techniques.

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Mori Seiki NL1500SY

6 Axis. 8" chuck. 52mm dia bar feed. Sub spindle with 6" chuck. Driven tooling.

Full C axis both ends to 0.001 degree.

Mori Seiki Duraturn 2550

3 Axis. 10" chuck. 80mm dia bar feed. Tailstock. Driven tooling.

Full C axis to 0.001 degree.

Wickman 76-250 7 Axis

7 Axis. 10" chuck. Sub spindle. Twin turrets. Driven tooling.

C axis to 0.001 degree both ends.

Wickman 76-250 3 Axis

3 Axis. 10" chuck. 76mm dia bar. Driven tooling. Tailstock.


Wickman KISS 30/130 (4 machines)

Plattern. Sliding head. Bar feed. Driven tooling. C axis.

EMI-MEC E Sprint

5" chuck. Bar feed. Driven tooling. Pick up rear drilling.

Colchester Triumph 2000

Manual lathe. Gap bed.

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